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Taisei Kogyo Oil Filter Element P-F-352-06 08-40U

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Taisei Kogyo Oil Filter Element P-F-352-06 08-40U Taiseikogyofilter elementiswidelyused in the hydraulic systemto filter the solid andcolloidal particles,reduce the hydraulic components surface friction, improve systems reliability, and kee


Brand Name: Taisei Kogyo
Model Number: P-F-352-06 08-40U
Nominal filtration rating:
Application:hydraulic oil filter
Operating pressure:
Working temperature:
Replacement or not:Replacement

Taisei Kogyo Oil Filter Element P-F-352-06 08-40U
Taiseikogyo filter element is widely used in the hydraulic system to filter the solid and colloidal particles, reduce the hydraulic components surface friction, improve system’s reliability, and keep the hydraulic and lubricant system running safely and effectively
Typical model codes:
1. P-G-UL-10A-20U 14. G-UL-08A-100K
2. G-UL-08A-100K 15. G-UL-08A-10M
3. G-UL-10A-40U 16. G-UL-04A-200K
4. G-UL-12A-100K 17. G-UL-04A-20UW
5. PUH08A10U 18. G-UL-10A-6M
6. F-LN-16-8C 19. G-UL-12A-100W
7. F-MU-10-100UW 20. P-G-MVF-08 -10UW
8. F-ISV-20A-200W 21. G-352-A08-50UW
9. F-LND-08-40U 22. G-UL-10A-50UW
10. P351A0360U 23. PFSH410UW
11. P351A0360M 24. G-351-A06-150K
12. PFSH6100W 25. G-4201-12-4-20UW
13. G-UL-10A-150W 26. G-352-08-150W

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