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Bag filter

The bag filter is a multi-purpose filtration equipment with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, airtight work and strong applicability. Bag filter is a new type of filter system. The inside of the bag filter is supported by a metal mesh basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag and can be used continuously after replacing the filter bag.

Application water, oil, paint and other liquid purification and solid-liquid separation in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries.
Filter media impurities in water, sediments and suspended solids, bacteria
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Working principle

The bag filter is a pressure filter device, which mainly consists of a filter cylinder body, a filter cylinder cover, a quick-opening mechanism, a stainless steel filter bag reinforcing mesh and other main components. The filtrate flows into the filter bag from the side inlet pipe of the filter housing. The filter bag itself is installed in the reinforced mesh basket, and the liquid can obtain qualified filtrate by infiltrating the filter bag of the required fineness grade, and the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag. The machine is very convenient to replace the filter bag, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration. Bag filter has the following categories: single bag filter, multi-bag filter, rocker bag filter, high-precision bag filter, etc., the filter filtration precision is in the range of 1-10 microns.


  • Bag filter:
    Novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, airtight work.


    Structural composition:

    It is mainly composed of main components such as filtration simplified, filter cartridge cover and quick-opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforcement net, etc.

  • The structural design is that the top cover and the filter cartridge are sealed and locked by four sets of rocker-type eye bolts.



    Classification:single bag filter, multi-bag filter, rocker bag filter, high-precision bag filter, etc., the filter filtration precision is in the range of 1-10 microns.

  • The bag filter has many advantages such as reasonable structure, good sealing performance, strong circulation ability and easy operation.



    The probability of side leakage of the filter bag is small, the pressure loss is small, the operating cost is low, the filtration accuracy of the filter bag is continuously improved.

  • Paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum products, etc.


    Widely used:

    paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum products and other industrial water, sugar water, resin, industrial wastewater, etc.

Technical parameter

model Inlet/outlet pipe diameter specification Housing thickness structure type number of filter bags bag type flow t/h filter area m2
LFD-1-P DN40 Φ219*900 2 clamp type 1 1# 15 0.23
2 active flange
LFD-2-1P DN50 Φ219*1310 2 clamp type 1 2# 30 0.5
2 active flange
LFD-2-2P DN80 Φ400*1450 3 flange 2 2# 60 1
LFD-2-3P DN100 Φ450*1500 3 flange 3 2# 90 1.5
LFD-2-3P DN100 Φ550*1550 3 flange + boom 4 2# 120 2
LFD-2-5P DN125 Φ600*1600 3 flange + boom 5 2# 150 2.5
LFD-2-6P DN150 Φ650*1600 3 flange + boom 6 2# 180 3
LFD-2-7P DN200 Φ700*1650 3 flange + boom 7 2# 210 3.5
LFD-2-8P DN200 Φ750*1700 4 flange + boom 8 2# 240 4
LFD-2-9P DN200 Φ800*1750 4 flange + boom 9 2# 270 4.5
LFD-2-10P DN250 Φ850*1750 4 flange + boom 10 2# 300 5
LFD-2-11P DN250 Φ900*1750 5 flange + boom 11 2# 330 6
LFD-2-13P DN250 Φ950*1750 5 flange + boom 13 2# 390 6
LFD-2-15P DN300 Φ1000*1750 5 flange + boom 15 2# 450 7.5

Product details


  • water treatment site of a steel plant in Hebei

    product: bag filtermodel: LFD-2-9P

  • application site of a water treatment plant in Shanxi

    product: duplex filterdiameter: DN200

  • filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry

    purpose: ultrasonic cleaning solutionflow:100t/h


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