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Shallow sand filter

Shallow sand filter is the sand cylinder unit consists of one or more standard, it has unique water distribution and collection of water, has a unique automatic flush valve, which can realize multiple standards high in normal system operation sand cylinder one by one single back flush, automatic process control.Has the backwash water consumption is small, convenient installation, easy operation, etc; The equipment is large flow, no maintenance; According to different user requirements, there are vertical and horizontal two series, is suitable for the water quality in the field of multiple processing requirements.

Application Electric power, reverse osmosis pre-stage, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, agricultural irrigation, cars, T industry, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, environmental protection water treatment and other industries.
Filter medium Suspended solids, particulate matter, water quality dirt, bacteria and algae, corrosion, etc
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Product features

Unit from 24 inches (500 mm) to 96 inches (2400 mm), a variety of specifications, can have different ways of installation. Filter can be used as an independent system, in the use of the existing process for water pump, if it is as a filter, also can be equipped with its own pump alone. Filters can also be multiple processing units installed in public, so that we can implement this system filtering capability. Backwashing filter system manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three ways, respectively by manual button, PLC, pressure difference or management system to start. Backwashing cycle and backwashing time length is adjustable, factory set for 3 minutes. The control by PLC to realize automatic filtering control system.
1. high filtering speed, low pressure loss, completely solve ordinary mechanical medium filter speed is slow, small flow problem.
2. modular setting, cover an area of an area small, piping, less capital investment. Covers an area of reduced by more than 40%, piping quantity reduce more than 50%.
3. manual, semi-automatic, automatic backwashing optional, fully satisfy your needs.
4. optional backwashing water system, water tower or exogenous water sources, and can automatically switch (special requirements).
5. a combination of multiple cells can be processing flow can be arbitrary expansion.
6. shell and pipe made by carbon steel Q235B, also can use stainless steel material.
7. the core parts adopt imported (BERMAD, BACCARA, SIEMEN, MITSUBISHI).
8. filtration unit adopts the single cavity design, backwashing better run sand rate is lower.
9.Siamese optional stainless steel/ABS material, longer life.
10.outlet pipe set in the bottom of the unit, water resistance, smaller, more convenient maintenance.

Working principle

Filtration status:
Filtering stateShallow sand filter, made up by several filtering unit parallel. When the system is in a state of filter, unfiltered water through their own unique cloth water heater uniform water distribution, water in the state of laminar flow through the filter packing layer (refined grains of quartz sand). When the water flow through the packing layer, impurities trapped within the packing layer. Have more than one set of uniform distribution of water at the bottom of the filter, to collect and raises the filtered water equably, advection, filter, can make the filter under high velocity, still can achieve better filtering effect.
Backwashing status:
Backwashing stateInside the impurities accumulated continuously in the packing layer, head loss will continue to increase. When it comes to an value into and out of the water head loss, the system will automatically activate the constant pressure difference devices make its transformation to the state of backwashing, when the end of the backwashing, change the direction of water hydraulic valve so as to realize by backwashing, easier to clean the impurities of the build-up.When the system is in a state of backwashing filter still continue, which is the standard for backwashing to unit sand cylinder is not filtered, other standards in the system unit sand cylinder is still in the filter. Filtered part of clean water used to wash the standard unit sand cylinder, the rest is sent to the user. Backwash wastewater by hydraulic valve of backwashing drain is expelled. At high speeds, the sand cylinder efficient filtration system between special header design can make the packing filler rub each other and maximize the flushing efficiency, reduce the backwashing water (clean water), at the same time when backwashing phenomenon did not run. A standard unit sand cylinder backwashing for 3 minutes, reverse wash over, standard unit sand inside the cylinder head loss to the reasonable scope, constant pressure device recovery signals are given to the filter state hydraulic valve, the next standard unit sand cylinder and prepared to enter a state of backwashing, the system can be controlled by control backwashing, the default 4 hours backwashing time, adjust time, dual system according to working condition of the scene Control of both primary and secondary, which first come first serve basis.


  • Core components are imported with original packaging (BERMAD, BACCARA、SIEMEN、MITSUBISHI)


    Core components are imported with original packaging (BERMAD, BACCARA、SIEMEN、MITSUBISHI)

  • The filter unit adopts single chamber design, which has better backwashing effect and lower sand running rate.


    The filter unit adopts single chamber design, which has better backwashing effect and lower sand running rate.

  • The water collector can be made of stainless steel /ABS for longer service life.


    The water collector can be made of stainless steel / ABS for longer service life.

  • The water outlet pipe is set at the bottom of the unit, with less water resistance and more convenient maintenance.


    The water outlet pipe is set at the bottom of the unit, with less water resistance and more convenient maintenance.

technical specification

Model number Tank specifications Control valve specifications Outlet Size Maximum flow rate in a single tank m3/h Maximum flow rate of two tanks in parallel m3/h Maximum flow rate of three tanks in parallel m3/h Maximum flow rate of four tanks in parallel m3/h Maximum flow rate of five tanks in parallel m3/h
LFQ-600 Φ600*1550 DN50 DN50 15 30 45 60 75
LFQ-800 Φ800*1650 DN50 DN50 30 60 90 120 150
LFQ-1000 Φ1000*1750 DN80 DN80 45 90 135 180
LFQ-1200 Φ1200*1950 DN80 DN80 60 120 180 240 300
LFQ-1400 Φ1400*2150 DN80 DN80 70 140 210 280 350
LFQ-1600 Φ1600*2200 DN100 DN100 100 200 300 400 500
LFQ-1800 Φ1800*2250 DN100 DN100 120 240 360 480 600
LFQ-2000 Φ2000*2300 DN150 DN100 150 300 450 600 750
LFQ-2200 Φ2200*2300 DN150 DN100 200 400 600 800 1000
LFQ-2400 Φ2400*2300 DN200 DN200 230 460 690 920 1150

Workshop real shot


  • Customer case of circulating water treatment in steel plant

    Purpose: circulating water treatmentFlow:1000t/h

  • Customer site of cooling water treatment in thermal power industry

    Purpose: cooling water treatmentFlow: 200t/h

  • Water treatment in paper industry

    Purpose: industrial water treatmentFlow: 100t/h


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