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4V high efficiency filter Introduction Features Advantage Production field cases


4V high efficiency filter

4V high-efficiency filter is a kind of air filter. Compared with ordinary high-efficiency filter, less filters can be used under the same air volume, reducing cost, reducing installation space and saving installation time.

Application Widely used in air conditioning systems for agriculture, animal husbandry, breeding, industrial and commercial heating and ventilation
Filter media particulate matter in the air, floating dust, etc.
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Technical parameter

Filtration efficiency: H13 Rated air volume:2800-3400m3/h

Initial resistance: ≤180pa Rated air volume:≤360pa

Temperature resistance:80℃ Humidity:100%

Frame material: galvanized steel, plastic Filter material: superfine polypropylene filter paper, glass fiber filter paper

Equipment advantage

  • Compact structure, small footprint, suitable for compact central air conditioning systems


    Compact structure:

    Small in size and light in weight, it is mainly used in: agriculture and animal husbandry, pre-filtration of central air-conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, pre-filtration of large air compressors, etc.

  • Adopt hot melting process, stable structure, high dust holding capacity, large air volume, low resistance, and can be repeatedly cleaned and used


    High-efficiency filter:

    mainly used to capture 0.3-3um particle dust and various suspended solids.

  • Filter tiny dust particles to prevent short circuit of microelectronics and protect production environment, such as food industry, electronics industry, etc;


    Filters bacteria in the air:

    Air filters can be used in clean workshops, laboratories, and clean rooms, and have the functions of filtering and dust-proofing.

  • Stable material, stable filtration efficiency


    Filtration efficiency is stable:

    Using ultra-fine, moisture-proof glass fiber filter material, the filter can operate normally in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity, bringing stable filtration efficiency.

More models can be customized directly by consulting customer service

More working conditions require companies to provide customized measurement services

Production field

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  • Air filter for Muyuan farm

    Application: air filtrationFeatures: good sealing performance

  • Filter for a pharmaceutical factory in Henan

    Application: air filtrationFeatures: no leakage

  • Filter for central air conditioner in an office

    Application: air filtrationFeatures: high filtration efficiency


Provide customization services according to different working conditions