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Oil purification


Focusing on the fluid environmental protection industry, it is a listed joint-stock enterprise specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of filters, oil filters, filtration equipment and filter elements. The filter products used in the field of environmental protection are strongly supported by the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies. Integrate the national standard filter element series, foreign replacement filter element series, oil filter truck and filter series to serve the society more professionally and meet the needs of customers.

Hot-sale product Imported alternative filter element    Hydraulic oil filter    Oil filter series

Sewage treatment


The products mainly include: Industrial purification: more than 20 types of industrial purification products, such as self-cleaning filter, bag filter, security filter, shallow filter, multi-media filter, quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter, medium and high speed filter, valveless filter, etc. Sewage treatment: aerator, sludge dehydrator, continuous sand filter, integrated sewage treatment equipment, etc.  It is widely used in the reuse of source water, circulating water and cooling water in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, municipal, seawater desalination and other industries. It is a key technology and equipment in water recycling and has a huge market space.

Hot-sale product Self-cleaning filter    Shallow sand filter    Cartridge Filter Housings    Bag filter

Air dedusting


Adopting advanced manufacturing technology in Europe and America, cooperating with domestic universities and research institutes, we independently developed venturi wet dust collector, cyclone water film dust collector and other industrial dust treatment equipment higher than domestic emission standards; The design team can comprehensively use a variety of industrial dust control means according to the characteristics of the industry to which the customer belongs, and customize more professional, more efficient and more targeted industrial dust control solutions for the customer on the basis of ensuring the treatment effect.

Hot-sale product Bag filter    Cartridge dust collector    Medium high efficiency filter    Dedusting filter cartridge

Desalination Plate


A high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering installation, it has a professional technical team and a professional after-sales service team engaged in the R & D and production of equipment products such as seawater desalination system, brackish water desalination equipment, demineralized water equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ultrafiltration device, etc.

Hot-sale product Demineralized water equipment    Reverse osmosis equipment