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Demineralized water equipment lefilter

Demineralized water equipment

Water softening equipment, that is, equipment that reduces water hardness, mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in water. When the incoming water is deep well water or the hardness of the water source is very high, the function of using softening water equipment is to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. , reducing calcium and magnesium ions in water. In the process of softening water, softening water equipment cannot reduce the total salt content in water. It is widely used in hot water boiler systems, heat exchange systems, industrial cooling systems, central air conditioning systems and other water equipment systems.

Application Industrial boilers,central air conditioners,heat exchangers,printing and dyeing and other industries.
Filter media Calcium and magnesium ions in water
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Working principle

The softening water equipment is composed of automatic softening water controller,salt box, strong acid sodium ion cation resin,resin tank (usually it’s stainless steel resin tank and glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank),and water softener accessories.With the control of water flow and time,commands are sent to solenoid valves or multi-channel servo valves to complete the water supply and regeneration of softened water equipment.It’s the most widely used for hard water softening treatment equipment in industrial boilers,cooling circulating water,steelmaking,steel rolling,large transformers,civil hot water boilers, etc.


  • Demineralized water equipment advantage

    Demineralized water equipment
    Let the raw water pass through the anion and cation converter to remove calcium, magnesium.



    The wall of the PVC pipe is very smooth,it is not easy to scale after long-term use,has good water tightness,and is resistant to corrosion.

  • Demineralized water equipment advantage

    With the control of water flow and time,commands are sent to solenoid valves or multi-channel servo valves to complete the water supply.


    Easy operation:

    With fully intelligent settings,unmanned operation can be realized,and the working status can be directly observed on the control panel,without professional guidance.

  • Demineralized water equipment advantage

    The exchange tank lined with non-toxic PE plastic and the salt box made of PE are sufficient to ensure the excellent performance of the equipment such as corrosion resistance.


    PE material salt box:

    Made of high-quality polypropylene material,the product is resistant to acid and alkali,not easy to age,and has a long service life,ensuring that the water quality test meets the national drinking water standard.

  • Demineralized water equipment advantage

    High degree of automation, stable water supply conditions and long service life. The whole process runs automatically, only need to manually fill salt regularly.


    Intelligent control:

    The demineralized water equipment realizes the automation of the ion exchange and resin regeneration process through the program control device,which does not require special personnel to operate and is easy to be installed.

Technical parameter

Demineralized water equipment technical parameter

Inlet water pressure:0.18-0.6Mpa  Operation mode: automatic,manual

Control method: time,flow rate Working power:220V/50Hz

Tank material: stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel lined plastic Power and water saving:the water production rate >98%.

Regeneration method: co-current,counter-current Equipment type:purification and softening equipment,single-tank with single-valve,double-tank with double-valve.

Can be customized according to different working conditions

P/N. Flowrate Tank sizes Salt box sizes Automatic control valve Pipeline Resin filling amount
LFRH-1 1T/H Φ250*1400 60L F65P3 DN20 resin 50L
LFRH-2 2T/H Φ300*1400 60L F65P3 DN20 resin 75L
LFRH-4 4T/H Φ400*1650 100L F65P3 DN25 resin 150L
LFRH-5 5T/H Φ500*1750 200L F92A DN25 resin 225L
LFRH-10 10T/H Φ750*1900 500L F74A3 DN50 resin 500L
LFRH-15 15T/H Φ900*1900 800L F95A3 DN50 resin 700L
LFRH-20 20T/H Φ1000*1900 1000L F95A3 DN65 resin 850L
LFRH-25 25T/H Φ1200*2300 1500L F112A3 DN65 resin 1250L
LFRH-30 30T/H Φ1500*2400 1500L F112A3 DN65 resin 2125L
LFRH-50 50T/H Φ1800*2600 2000L F96A3 DN80 resin 3050L

Product details


  • Hotel water
    Hotel water

    Application:softening waterTreatment capacity: 20t/h

  • Steel mill boiler water
    Steel mill boiler water

    Application: Removal of calcium and magnesium ions in waterTreatment capacity: 50t/h

  • Laundry room water softening
    Laundry room water softening

    Application: Make clothes softTreatment capacity: 10t/h


Provide customization services according to different working conditions