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High flow filter lefilter

High flow filter

The high-flow filter element adopts deep fine polypropylene or glass fiber membrane as the filter material, has a large diameter of 6 inches/152mm, no central rod, One-way opening and specially designed liquid flow direction from inside to outside to ensure that all pollutant particles are intercepted inside the filter element. The design of ultra-large flow reduces the usage of filter element and filter in the same flow application, which greatly saves equipment investment cost and labor cost.

Application RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment; filtration of condensed water in power plants; filtration of raw materials, solvents, and water in biopharmaceutical industry, etc.
Filter media water suspended solids, particulate matter, water fouling, bacteria and algae, rust, etc.
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1. The combination of surface filtration and deep filtration can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and the size of the matching shell compared with ordinary filter elements.
2. The filter layer is made of high-efficiency and low-resistance materials, which can achieve ultra-high filtration efficiency of more than 99% and prolong the service life of the filter element.
3. The design of the convenient handle significantly reduces the time to replace the filter element, making the replacement of the filter element simple and portable.
4. The overall polypropylene design and hot-melt welding treatment can effectively prevent the end cap from falling off and secondary pollution.
5. The design of the sealing interface reduces the risk of side flow and ensures the sealing and reliability of the filtration.
6. The folded design increases the filter area and makes the pressure drop significantly lower than that of the ordinary filter element.
7. The large diameter design increases the amount of pollutants, prolongs the service life and reduces the production cost.
8. Equipped with a skeleton to enhance the pressure resistance during the use of the filter element.

Working Principle

The large-flow filter element has a large-diameter design for high-efficiency filtration, and has a high-strength support frame inside and outside. Single flow 50-90m3/H design, this large flow filter element is suitable for large reverse osmosis prefiltration and other fields. The new patented discounting of the filter element combined with the large diameter design of 6/152 mm reduces the number of filters and the requirements for the size of the filter housing. A variety of filter media are also available to meet other application requirements.

High flow filter working principle


  • High flow filter advantage

    Large flux filter element;
    Large amount of pollutants;
    Easy installation.


    Easy installation:

    Compact structure,
    Easy to move,
    Easy maintenance,
    Running smoothly

  • High flow filter advantage

    Sealed interface design,
    prevent leakage and improve safety;


    Design of sealing interface:

    rubber sealing ring is adopted, which is safe and non-toxic and prevents leakage.

  • High flow filter advantage

    Choose good materials


    Using high-quality materials:

    The outer-in and inner-out structure of the high-flow filter element makes the replacement of the filter element easy, while keeping the pollutants intercepted on the outside of the filter element.

  • High flow filter advantage

    The device is easy to use


    The equipment is easy to use:

    multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter housing, and a wide flow range can be used.

Interface style

Use pH: 1-13 Maximum differential pressure: 2.0Bar

Overspeed accuracy: 1μm、3μm、5μm、10μm、25μm、50m、100μm Interface form: flat press-in type (other interfaces can be added)

Gasket/Seal: Silicone rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber

High flow filter interface style

Product details


  • Circulating water treatment site of a coal chemical enterprise
    Circulating water treatment site of a coal chemical enterprise in Hebei

    Application: security filter elementFlow:20t/h

  • Use site of a steel plant
    Use site of a steel plant in Henan

    Application: RO security filter circulating water treatmentFlow:20t/h

  • After use by a water treatment company
    After use by a water treatment company in Anyang

    Uses: security filter circulating water treatmentFlow:500m3/h


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