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Fuda oil separator 2205406502

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Product Description Fuda air compressor oil separator filter element: Product introduction: 1. Fuda air compressor oil separator filter element is installed at theexitofthescrewair compressor to separatetheoil and air to get the clean compr


Brand Name: Fuda
Model Number: 2205406502
Nominal filtration rating:from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …um
Application:air compressor
Operating pressure:10-210bar
Working temperature: -20-100℃
Replacement or not:Replacement

Product Description

Fuda air compressor oil separator filter element:


Product introduction:

1.Fuda air compressor oil separator filter element is installed at the exit of the screw air 
   compressor to separate the oil and air to get the clean compressed air.
2.This kind of air compressor filter is mainly used for air compressor to clean the compressed air, guaranteeing 
the safe and efficient operation of the air compressor. It is excellent Compressor Use Filter.

Product features:

1. Filter accuracy: 0.1um

2. Filter efficiency: 99.99%

3. Service life: about 3500-5200 hours

4. Filter material: American HV(Binzer) and Lydall fiberglass.

5. Residual oil content: <3ppm

6. Initial pressure difference:  ≤0.02Mpa

Quality assurance:

ISO 2941------Collapse & Burst Resistant

ISO 2942------Fabrication & Integrity Test

ISO 2943------Material Compatibility with Fluids

ISO 3724------Flow Fatigue Characteristics

ISO 3968------Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate

ISO 16889------Multi-pass Performance Testing

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