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1621938699 air compressor parts oil separator filter

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Atlas Copco Filter ElementIntroduction: 1.The Atlas Copco Filter Compressor Use Filter which is installed atthe entrance ofthe screw air compressor to filter thesolid particlesin theair to guarantee the safe and high efficient ope-ration of


Brand Name: Atlas Copco
Model Number: 1621938699
Nominal filtration rating:1-100um
Application:Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;Metallurgy
Operating pressure:10-210bar
Working temperature: -20-100℃
Replacement or not:Replacement

The material of Oil Mist Separator filter is made of superfine glass fiber of HV and Lydall companies in America. Oil-gas mist in the compressed air can be completely filtered through the filter element of the Oil Mist Separator.
·Oil content of compressed air: 3~6PPm     Oil-gas granule of compressed air: ≤ 0.1μm
·Service life of the filter element: 3500~5200h (greatly affected by the quality of the lubricating oil and the working environment)
·Initial PSID (Pounds per Square Inch Differential): ≤0.02Mpa
·Lubricating oil should be controlled at prescribed position, which is commonly at 1/2~2/3 of the Oil Mist Separator.
·Secondary oil return pipe and one way valve should be kept unimpeded and in the prescribed position.
·Exhaust steam pressure should be adjusted to the prescribed value.
·Make sure the air compressor works at proper temperature and the pressure valve is in good condition.
Gas-oil dissociation components applicable to Atlas screw air compressor:
Model Original P/N External diameter
Height(mm Goods No. of us
GA11/15/18/22 1612386900 220 250 LF30313250
GA11/15/18/22 1613750200 240 175 LF30313175
GA30/37/45 1613243300 300 300 LF30317300
GA37+ 1622314000 300 250 LF30717250
GA90/110 1614905400 596 280 LF30335280