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A dust collection and treatment project in a chemical industry in Jiaozuo
A dust collection and treatment project in a chemical industry in Jiaozuo

A dust collection and treatment project in a chemical industry in Jiaozuo

【Project name】Chemical plant dust comprehensive treatment project
【Project Location】Jiaozuo City, Henan Province
【Industry】Biochemical industry
【Design scope】Electrical control system, workshop dust control process system
【Main equipment】bag filter, electric discharger, screw conveyor, high pressure fan, electrical control cabinet, etc.

Project Description

In the production process, a quantitative amount of calcium carbonate fine powder particles and other pollution factors are generated. At the same time, in response to the national environmental protection requirements and reducing the harm of dust to human health, it is decided to use a bag filter to ensure that the discharge standard is met.

Performance parameters

[Filter dust name] sub (CaCO3) fine powder
[Filter dust particle size] : ≤100 mesh
[Filter dust particle size] ≤100 mesh
[Gas solid content] ≤15g/m³
[Required handling air volume] 6000~12000 m³/h
[Required filtration wind speed] 0.7~0.8 m/min
[Induced draft fan] 9-19-10D-30kw supporting motor with energy efficiency grade two or above

Equipment configuration and requirements

While meeting the production needs, it reduces maintenance costs and facilitates maintenance, improves the stability and safety of the equipment, and enables it to have a high-efficiency dust collection effect.

The project uses Lefilter GMC-200 bag filter, 30-channel pulse controller, screw conveyor, detachable maintenance platform and dust removal accessories and other products.

The total height of the bag filter equipment is not more than 3.5 meters (the height of the factory building is 5 meters), and the length is not more than 4.5 meters. The filter bag is made of antistatic needle felt material ≤10mg/m³。

installation site

At present, Lefilter engineers have gone to the site to conduct installation guidance and debugging work, train workers in technology and problems that should be paid attention to in operation, so as to ensure safe, environmentally friendly, stable and efficient operation of customers.

Application field

Power Industry

wood industry

steel industry

Coal chemical industry

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