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Water purification project of a steel plant in Yunnan
Water purification project of a steel plant in Yunnan

Water purification project of a steel plant in Yunnan

Filter Media:Industrial Wastewater
Purpose:To improve on-site water quality, reduce labor costs and extend equipment service life Select Product: Multimedia Filters
Select Product:Multimedia Filters
Filtration speed:10-20m/h
Effluent suspended solids:3-5mg/L

Project Description

A steel plant in Yunnan now uses a laminated filter. Because the quality of the effluent does not meet the requirements of the user, the on-site filter has been in a stagnant state. With the operation of the system, the circulating water is getting more and more dirty, causing the current water quality to affect the circulating system. The original equipment and pipelines at the rear are seriously damaged, and the on-site equipment is frequently repaired and the labor maintenance cost is high. In order to reduce labor costs and prolong the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to improve the on-site water quality.

water sample analysis

In the customer's water quality, the median particle size diameter: 22.88um, the suspended solids content: 8.5mg/L, if the high-speed filter is selected, the suspended solids are difficult to reduce. According to the test results, the multi-media filter is finally selected.

Scheme design parameters

The multi-media filter adopts multi-layer filter material, and the filtration speed is designed to be 12-20m/H. The principle is that when the raw water passes through the filter material from top to bottom, the suspended solids in the water are trapped by the surface of the filter layer due to adsorption and mechanical flow resistance.

When the water flows into the middle of the filter layer, because the sand particles in the filter material are arranged more closely, the particles in the water have more opportunities to collide with the sand particles, so the flocs, suspended solids and the surface of the sand particles in the water adhere to each other, and the impurities in the water are trapped in the water. In the filter material layer, clear water quality can be obtained. The filtered effluent suspension can be below 5 mg/L.

Equipment performance advantages

Unique structure can realize online backwashing.

[Backwash strength]
Water:4—12 l/s.㎡,Expansion rate: 40—50%
Gas: 10—18 l/s.㎡,expansion rate: 10—15%
[Backwash inlet water pressure]:≥0.15 MPa
[Filter speed]:0.01-0.015MPa
[Filter speed]:10-20m/h
[Operation period] : 2-7 days;
[Backwashing method]: water washing or gas ice combined backwashing
[Backwash water consumption] : 1-3%
[Backwash strength]:4-15L/s·m2
[Backwash duration] : 5-7min

Equipment delivery site

Equipment installation site

Comparison before and after filtering

Through this technical transformation, the suspended solids in the effluent can reach 3-5mg/L, which significantly improves the water quality of the site, ensures the normal operation of production, and achieves the expected results.

From planning design to construction operation, Lefilter has continuously improved through in-depth exchanges with customers again and again, and has continued to develop in the refinement of in-depth on-site solutions. With practical actions, customers can experience Lefilter's products. It is reassuring, and the service strength is trustworthy!

Application field

steel industry

Coal chemical industry

Petrochemical industry

Textile industry

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