Filter cartridge with polypropylene winding

DATE:2023-12-03Number of views: Source:LEFILTER

Polypropylene wire-wound cartridge is made of high quality PP material with special winding method. It is a kind of cartridge composed of textile yarn wound on a multi-layer frame. The precision of the cartridge can be controlled by the winding density, so this kind of yarn-wound cartridge has good filtration depth, high dirt-absorbing capacity, and thus long filtration service life.


●Fits all standard housings.

●Reduced pressure, high dirt-holding capacity, and long service life.

●Effective deep filtration is provided by a loose outer layer and a tight inner layer.

●Different filter media for different applications.



LEFILTER high performance cartridges are suitable for industrial filtration applications. High flow rates ensure fast and efficient filtration, thus reducing time. The unique cartridge design also ensures minimal pressure drop, thus reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The design of the filter cartridges also extends service life and reduces maintenance and replacement costs. In addition, the high filtration efficiency of the cartridges ensures that liquids and gases are filtered in accordance with stringent industry standards.


LEFILTER cartridges provide superior filtration compared to other options on the market. Their unique design provides a large filtration surface area for more effective particle removal. The cartridge is also designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, providing reliable filtration even under difficult conditions. The cartridges are available in a variety of options. Allows for precise filtration based on application requirements.