" Hot-selling " industrial dust collector shipped to Indonesia

DATE:2023-08-24Number of views: Source:LEFILTER

Recently, several sets of self-cleaning dust collectors are shipped to Indonesia by sea, which are independently developed and produced by Lefilter.

Lefilter dust collector is strictly in accordance with the quality requirements of production operations, from raw material procurement, organization and production, equipment security and other aspects of strict control, to ensure that the order is delivered quickly and with high quality.


Project design parameters

Product selection: self-cleaning air filter

Processing air volume: 72000 m³/h

Equipment material: carbon steel shell

Application:for centrifugal blower supporting

Delivery site


The order was not reached overnight, when we received the inquiry, in order to meet the customer's needs, Lifelite immediately set up a set of technology, marketing, service as one of the professional team, a full understanding of the project engineering, technical parameters, details and other repeated refinements, adjustments, to ensure that the program is perfectly in line with the customer's needs.


Self-cleaning air filters are widely used in various air purification equipments such as blast furnace blowers and air compressors in iron and steel mills, and can also be used with high-power diesel engines, large air conditioners and other large air volume equipment.

Design features

✔Strong self-cleaning effect

✔ Flexible selection of materials for different working conditions

✔Low flow rate, small resistance loss, less air consumption for blowback

✔High filtration efficiency, large space utilization rate

✔Adopt automatic control technology to ensure reliable operation of equipment

✔According to the user requirements at the bottom of the dust collection box, dust nets, water flushing dust removal method to solve the secondary pollution