Lefilter High Flow Rate Cartridge

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LEFILTER high flow filter cartridges are made of fine polypropylene or glass fibers with a depth of 6 inches/152 mm, a large diameter, no inner core, and only one hole. The inside-out flow pattern ensures that all particles are trapped inside the filter. The larger geometry of the high-flow cartridges allows for greater flow rates to be handled with fewer cartridges. As a result, filter replacement is faster and easier. In addition, the inside-out flow provides excellent dirt-holding capacity, extending the time between filter changes. Due to the large filter capacity and high dirt-holding capacity, smaller systems, longer service life and higher flow rates can be achieved with lower investment and less labor in many applications.


● Designed for industrial and commercial filtration at an affordable price and exceptional value.

● Entire structure made of polypropylene.

● 99% retention of 5 to 70 microns.

● O-ring seal on cartridge eliminates bypass.

● Inside-out flow prevents contaminants from entering during replacement.

● Multi-layer corrugated material for high fluidity and long life.

● Strong bonded construction.

● Compatible with most industry standard high flow filter housings.


Application Areas

● Wastewater treatment

● Automatic coating and painting

● Metal processing

● Food and beverage

● Resins, adhesives, oils and solvents.

● Pharmaceutical industry


Choosing the right cartridge for your needs

The right high-flow cartridge depends on your specific application needs. Micron ratings range from 0.2 to 150 for effective removal of large particles. High-flow series filters have specific temperature and pressure ratings, making them suitable for different operating conditions. Cartridge compatibility with a wide range of liquids and gases is also important when selecting the right filter. Understanding the filtration requirements of a particular application is critical when selecting the most appropriate 3M High Flow cartridge.