The third meeting of the 15th Workers' Congress of Lefilter was successfully held

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According to the company's development strategy positioning, give full play to the sense of ownership and subjective initiative, gather the wisdom of everyone to solve the problems of everyone, clarify the core demands, and keep the information transmission from top to bottom. On March 25, the third meeting of the 15th Workers' Congress was held at the group headquarters .

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the meeting kicked off with the solemn national anthem. The meeting was presided over by Chairman An Qi, and a total of 63 partner representatives attended the meeting, giving full play to the positive role of the workers' congress in participating in the democratic management, democratic supervision and democratic decision-making of enterprises. 

Lefilter one

First item on the agenda

The meeting studied and studied the "2022 Administrative Compilation", "2023 Strategic Planning White Paper", and "2023 Guiding Outline", and clarified the guiding ideology, task indicators, key tasks and basic measures for the 2023 annual work. The strategic goal is the core demand for development, guided by the product transformation of 150 project departments, and steadily promotes the various tasks and goals of the group company to a new level, ensuring that the production, operation and reform and development of the enterprise are stable and far-reaching.

Lefilter two

Second agenda item

Zheng Wanjiang, the rotating chairman, made a work report to the conference on the implementation results of the proposals of the second meeting of the fourteenth session and the policy guidelines of the 2023 planning outline on behalf of the current operation layer.

A total of 382 proposals were received at the second meeting of the 14th Workers' Congress. The rotating chairman combined the three levels of strategy, tactics and implementation for the whole year to sort out and consolidate the proposals from six directions into 55 proposals and clarify the responsibilities. 43 of the 55 proposals were issued and 43 were completed, and the remaining 12 were not fully implemented, and reports were made from the market, operation, management system optimization, systemic aspects, and development aspects.

Elaborate the implementation suggestions of the 1.3077 billion program goal in 2023 from multiple dimensions: "Anchor the 1.3077 billion target unswervingly, deepen the implementation of 150 project departments, upgrade and reform the mid-to-high end of market positioning, complete core product upgrades, intelligentize manufacturing, and manage Improve efficiency, division of labor and cooperation, improve partner happiness index, and help IPO listing success."

Lefilter three

Third agenda item

The representatives of the 3rd meeting of the 15th Workers' Congress submitted the topics, and submitted a total of 62 proposals, involving 213 issues and suggestions. The functional business department classified and summarized all the proposals according to the category of the issues and the implementation of the business department, and sorted out the commonality There are 48 questions, belonging to six categories, forming a conference proposal (draft) and submitting it to the middle and high-level meeting for deliberation.

Reviewed the "2023 Internal Control Management System" (draft reviewed at the third meeting of the 15th Workers' Congress).

The "2023 Partner Code" (revised in 2023) was reviewed and approved, and it will be implemented immediately.

All departments must administer according to the law, earnestly achieve "there are laws to abide by, laws must be followed, law enforcement must be strictly enforced, violations must be punished, rewards and punishments are clearly defined, and orders are prohibited", and strive to create legalization, digitalization, dataization, informationization, and intelligentization. management system.

Lefilter four

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is a year for the group company to achieve new breakthroughs in high-quality development. It is also a key year for the company's transformation and upgrading. All partners must keep their eyes on the goal and effectively enhance their sense of responsibility , a sense of mission and a sense of urgency, constantly deepening ideological understanding, strictly following the time node and benchmarking responsibility list, and solidly promoting the implementation of various tasks.

Throughout the year, the strategic goal of 1.3077 billion yuan in 2023 will be the core demand for development, and the spirit of various conferences will be fully implemented. Make suggestions, make a good voice, spread positive energy, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises in an all-round way!

Lefilter five

2023 Guiding Program Relying on the overall management of the 1.3077 billion program

1. The treasure map of the annual target of 1.3077 billion and the new year's greetings are the guiding principles;

2. The organizational structure of the group is the management system for the implementation of the seven-character policy "programme, mechanism, trend, and impression";

3. The 2023 strategic plan is based on the central guiding ideology of the management (workload) of various departments of the VAM target;

4. The monthly debriefing report is the basis for correcting the target workload results;

5. The workers' congress held twice a year is an in-depth interpretation of management and evidence of optimization and execution;

6. The problems arising in the development and the mechanism documents (notifications) and red-headed documents that emerged as the times require are the core of the program's execution;

Seventh, the core of the work of the tenth functional group is to organize systematic management, improve efficiency, reform and upgrade as a whole;

8. The 2022 administrative compilation and partner rules are effective references for analyzing the past and improving current execution;

9. The management level of "sudden light, system executive officer, and leadership echelon" is guaranteed by wisdom;

10. Lefilter corporate culture: Alibaba culture "information digital CRM", Sibada culture "partner agreement, organization high-voltage line", Laozi Tao Te Ching "cosmic law, life origin", Guiguzi culture "joint vertical and horizontal technology/unity of different industries”, Mao Zedong Thought (rectification movement, three major disciplines, eight points of attention, criticism and self-criticism, better troops and simpler administration, anti-corruption and honesty), Inamori Kazuo’s amoeba culture “gambling mechanism”, Huawei’s internal Capital and rotating chairman system, "organizational discipline, internal control management system, and anti-unfair competition law" have finally been transformed into the unique partner corporate culture of Lefilter!

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