The signing ceremony of the million-dollar "Lefilter Scholarship" was held in Henan Institute of Technology

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On the afternoon of March 17, the signing ceremony of the "Lefilter Scholarship" was held at Henan Institute of Technology. An Qi, Chairman of Lefilter, Zheng Wanjiang, Rotating Chairman, Chen Bingyi, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Henan Institute of Technology, Liang Jing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the School, Qi Xinbo, Vice President, the Office of the President, the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, and the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, etc. Department heads attended the signing ceremony.


An qi said

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He is very proud of the rapid development his alma mater has achieved in recent years, and on behalf of the company, he would like to express his gratitude to his alma mater for its care, support and help. The establishment of the "Lefilter Scholarship" is to give back to the alma mater's support for the company's development. It aims to further encourage enterprises to shoulder social responsibilities and actively give back to the society. , give full play to their respective advantages, continuously deepen the connotation of school-enterprise cooperation, and form a good situation of integrated development. I hope to continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with my alma mater to achieve a higher level, wider and deeper cooperation and win-win situation.

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Qi Xinbo and An Qi signed the agreement on behalf of both units. On behalf of the school, Qi Xinbo expressed his gratitude to Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Co., Ltd. for its long-term concern and support for the development of the school, and reviewed the fruitful results achieved since the cooperation between the two parties.

Qi Xinbo pointed out

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The school should take this signing as an opportunity to build the two parties into a community of shared future that "prospers together, win-win cooperation". He emphasized that the two sides should strengthen in-depth integration in the integration of production and education, scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation and talent sharing, and actively participate in the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation; strengthen publicity and guidance, so that more students of Hegong Engineering can understand and recognize the company's entrepreneurial spirit and enterprise Culture; enhance the emotional connection with alumni, work together to achieve symbiosis and co-prosperity, and promote the early establishment of a high-level application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages.

The cooperation between the two parties has a long history

In December 2012, the "Foreign Language Department Practice Base" of Henan Institute of Technology was officially listed in our company.

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In December 2013, the "Industry-University Cooperation Base" of Henan Institute of Technology was officially listed in our company.

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In November 2016, teachers and students from the Foreign Language Department of Henan Institute of Technology visited the company.

Lefilter 7

In May 2018, Henan Institute of Technology Industry-University Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting.

Lefilter 8

In April 2021, the international trade major of Henan Institute of Technology visited the group company.

Lefilter 9

In December 2021, Henan Institute of Technology signed a contract to jointly build an industrial college.

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The establishment of the Lefilter Scholarship is a further deepening of the school-enterprise cooperation. I hope that the students will live up to their youth and never forget their original aspirations, and become people who know how to be grateful, be diligent and promising, and be people of high moral character. Ideal, study hard, and contribute to the high-quality development of social economy together with Lefilter.


It takes ten years to grow trees, and a hundred years to cultivate people. Education is the foundation of a country and the power of national rejuvenation. It is duty-bound for Lefilter to devote itself to the cause of education. Talent strategy, actively promote the talent training mode of school-enterprise cooperation, build a group of high-quality talents who are pioneering and innovative, stimulate the vitality of talents, and create a long-term future together!