The 10th Lefilter 23km Spring Cross Country Race was successfully held

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Running together with youth, this is a sports feast and a carnival of youth. On March 11, the 10th 23-kilometer spring cross-country race of Lefilter started with passion, fully carrying forward the unremitting team spirit of "don't abandon, don't give up".

Ready to go all out

The total length of the marathon is 23 kilometers, and the competition is carried out in teams. It is divided into 12 groups, with 15-20 people in each team. The average completion time of the team is calculated, and the top 3 are determined. The ring side is customs clearance.


Reciting sheepskin scrolls, doing radio gymnastics, and stretching exercises before competitions, with high fighting spirit and full of vitality, while meeting the challenges of physical strength and endurance, they also enjoyed the happiness brought by competition.


With the sound of the whistle, the athletes all rushed out of the starting line. The pace of progress was sonorous and powerful. The running flag fluttered all the way, galloping the track with passion and speed, and the slightly cold spring day was also ignited by the wanton running pace!

Running on the track, every minute and every second is exciting, and everyone is doing their best! Every kilometer, every journey, is a self-transcendence!

The 10th 23km spring cross-country race in Lefilter

These "little players" looked like "little beasts" who were not tall and ran like explosives, showing no sign of weakness!

Challenging themselves and surpassing the limit, they speed up and run, enjoying every progress in "mileage" and "pace".


After sweating, it is hearty. Even though the legs are weak, they still sprint towards the goal firmly. The moment of joy when they cross the finish line is the best reward for persistence.

Let no one be left behind, and carry forward the team spirit of never abandoning, never giving up, and no one can be left behind. What is contained here is the courage to challenge the limit, the confidence to surpass oneself, the indomitable will, and never give up Be firm, a kind of collective honor lingers in everyone's heart.

Moments of Glory Trophies

After exciting and fierce competition, in the end, the sixth group, the first group, and the fifth group won the top three in the team competition, which is well deserved!

Top three teams of lefilter

Top three teams of lefilter

men's top three

Men's top three


Women's top three

Women's top three

An obscure logistics support team

In order to ensure the safety of the event, under the careful preparation of the logistics support team, emergency plans, material distribution, on-site exhibition and other tasks have been prepared in advance. With them, the game can be more orderly. Thank them!

Running hard, chasing dreams

The direction is clear, the goal is the same, the pace is unified, do not hesitate, do not dodge, and do not get confused about what you are doing now, go all out to be in line with the present, and the ultimate goal of struggle is poetry and the distance!

The holding of the 23-kilometer spring cross-country race is a tour of health and a tribute to upward power. The people of Lefilter, who are running hard, will continue to forge ahead bravely on the road of adhering to high-quality development and sprinting for IPO!

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