Two-day outdoor training for new staff of Lefilter

DATE:2022-06-22Number of views: Source:LEFILTER

In order to strengthen team cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness;strengthen team building;enhance mutual communication between new partners, and cultivate team spirit and sense of cooperation, from June 24 to 25, 70 new staffs went to Qiugou of Huixian county to participate in closed expansion training.

The whole team is divided into three sub teams. Under the leadership of the team leader, each sub team take the team name, draw the team emblem, shout slogans and sing team songs. Loud team slogans and loud team songs are displayed one by one. The three teams of "Liangjian team", "Eagle team" and "Warwolf team" make a wonderful appearance, We quickly break through the strangeness, exchange and cooperate with each other, and gather the combat effectiveness of the team.

"upright, quiet, cross standing, and reporting..." all staffs actively change their roles and keep their concentration, learn military rules, practice military posture, sing military songs, keep military discipline and always keep vigorous and tenacious fighting spirit.

Loud and clear slogans, straight posture,neat and uniform movements fully demonstrate the spirit of the times.

Under the guidance of the coach, they successively carried out training projects such as "trust back fall", "blind square array", "high-altitude grab bar" and "graduation wall". Among them, the "graduation wall" project pushed the training to a climax. Without borrowing any external force and props, 70 people only spent 13 minutes and 08 seconds relying on the strength of team cooperation to climb the 4.2m high wall with their bare hands, Challenge success!

These projects and the corresponding reward and punishment mechanism give the team cohesion, collective sense of honor, super leadership, cooperation ability, self-awareness breakthrough ability, and wholeheartedly to the present, with the most incisive interpretation. Synchronous to the work, similar events happen all the time. We should learn to transform constantly, enhance our subjective consciousness, strengthen our executive ability, take the results as the guidance, verify the unity of knowledge and action, and improve our ability to control wisdom and transform wealth. It will become a great cause!

In the future, no confusion, no evasion, give your heart and soul to what you are doing at present;No matter how big or how low your work is, you will be a hero if you can achieve the extreme; Have the courage to take on the responsibility, dare to take on the responsibility, and face the difficulties when facing problems. We believe that to solve the problem is to enhance the ability of wealth conversion, to solve the problem is to obtain wealth, to solve the problem that others can not solve, you are the leader! This is the spirit of Lefilter!

Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China. On the occasion of the centenary of the party, Lefilter will, as always, firmly stick to the original intention, keep in mind the mission, firmly grasp this critical year, make the company enter a new stage of innovation and high-quality development, make new contributions to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country, and celebrate the centenary of the party with outstanding achievements!