The 8th 23km cross-country race of Lefilter was successfully

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The 8th 23km cross-country race of Lefilter was successfully held

With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation,our daily life work is also on the right track. On March 13, 2021, the 8th
23km spring cross-country race was held as scheduled.More than 200 partners of Lifeierte Group gathered in Beihuan old factory
area,Xinxiang,facing the sun and running dreamily,each partner sweats,opens every cell of the body,and enjoys the pleasure of
exercise after work.

                                                                Group photo of the 8th 23km Spring Cross Country Race

Warm up before the game


The plan for a year lies in spring,and the plan for a day lies in the morning.At 7:50 in the morning,under the leadership of
An Qi,everyone warmed up before the game, read the sheepskin rolls, and did radio gymnastics.
The contestants were full of energy 
and fighting spirit. They showed their health, progress and courage with vigorous
pace and loud slogans. The spirit of hard work.

                                                                    Recite the scroll before the match

The host read out the rules, awards and precautions of this competition, with special emphasis on safety issues.The 23km
spring cross-country race is organized as a team, divided into 13 groups, with 10-12 people in each team. Each contestant
needs to gather all 5 colors of the replenishment station to clear the customs.
Lefilter "23km Spring Cross Country" represents
the courage to challenge the limit, the confidence to surpass oneself, the perseverance and the spirit of never giving up,
discovering the infinite potential of oneself in the speed and passion, struggling and sweating Interpreting the infinite excitement
of life,challenging the infinite possibilities of life with perseverance and courage!

Start running with vigor and vitality


At 8 o'clock in the morning, the athletes were all ready to go.When the sound of running started, they rushed to the road ahead
and opened the challenge.On the track,the athletes chased in the wind,leaving a firm footprint.
In the fragrance of fruit and wood,
experience the beauty of nature.Here,bid farewell to the unchanging life in the noisy city,relieve the languid heart that has been
imprisoned for a long time,indulge ambition, and challenge extraordinary!

                                                                                      On the way


In this competition, there are also many small family members of colleagues. Among them, the youngest is 4 years old and the
oldest is 10 years old.Sister Zhou introduced: "My daughter likes to run. She usually runs in the school playground. Today is the
first time running with so many people. I am very happy."
The 23km race does not seem to be long, but it is not a small challenge
for many children.I hope that through this experience, the children will love sports more and understand the meaning of

Due to recurrence of leg injuries, some of the contestants gradually lost energy and fell behind the team. They walked uphill for
more than 20 minutes.Each step seemed to take as long as a century.
There is still some way to the finish line, and the team
members have stretched out their arms to support the injured members.At this time,the results are 
no longer important.
What moved everyone was "You run with all your strength, and I escort with my sincere heart, so that no one will be left behind,
and the 
team spirit of not abandoning, not giving up, and no one is indispensable has been carried forward throughout the

                                                                           Friendship First

Best Moments

                                                                              Children's group

                                                                                       Elderly group

                                                                                  Youth Group


Trophies are presented at a moment of glory

After exciting and fierce competitions, endurance and physical strength, in the end, the second group, the ninth group, and the
third group won the top three in the team competition, which is truly deserved! Subsequently, Chairman An Qi presented
commemorative trophies and cash rewards to each team.

                                                                           Champion Group

                                                                                              Second place 

                                                                                   Third place

Every drop of sweat, every trophy, and every glory is a precious gift for the contestants. With perseverance and confidence to
surpass oneself,everyone interprets a vibrant marathon feast, showing health, civilization, The energetic and passionate image
of Lifeld people left a strong touch of color for this marathon!