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Cartridge Filter Housings lefilter

Cartridge Filter Housings

Cartridge Filter Housings (precision filter), whose housing is made of high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel, can install different types of filter element, such as: PP filter, line winding filter, activated carbon filter, etc., due to its large filtering area, speed, no congestion, easy to use, as a result, the terminal filtration of the pretreatment of the widely used in various industries and. Security filter has quick open, flange, embrace hoop type.

application Pretreatment and filtering is widely used in various fields, and can effectively remove impurities in water, sediment and suspended solids, bacteria, thereby achieve filtering.
Filter medium The impurities, sediment and suspended matter, bacteria in the water
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Its beautiful appearance, simple and reasonable structure, the inside and outside polishing, has low cost, small volume, big filter area, filtering speed, plugging rate is low, naisuanjian corrosion, long service life, etc. Within the tank replacement of different types and precision of the filter (such as PP filters, wire wound core, folded filter, metal sintering filter, titanium rod filter filter) and so on the many kinds of different specifications can remove all kinds of small particles in the filtrate, colloid, metal, impurities such as bacteria, residual atmosphere.
1.can bear high pressure, can effectively remove suspended solids in liquid, rust, etc.;
2.the filter can be used a variety of materials, so as to adapt to the needs of the various fluid filtration;
3.small volume, shape filter has big filter area, small resistance, long service life.
4. acid, chemical solvents such as reduced;
5. high filtration precision, filter aperture uniform, strength, high temperature resistant, filter out of shape not easily;
6. filter resistance, large flux, sewage capability is strong, long service life;
7. spotlessness, filter material, the filter medium pollution;
8. price is low, low operating cost, easy cleaning, filter can be replaced.
9. shell generally adopt stainless steel material manufacturing, material of tank can be divided into the glass fiber reinforced plastic cans, carbon steel, stainless steel pot, also can be produced according to user requirements. Internal use PP melt-blown, burn, folding line, titanium filter, activated carbon filter, such as tubular filter as the filter element, depending on the filter medium and choose different filter elements, design process to meet the requirements of the quality of the output water.

Working principle

The cartridge filter is equipped with filter element made of shaped filtration material. Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter element, the filter residue remains on the wall of the filter element, and the filtered liquid flows out through the filter element, which can effectively remove the impurities, sediment, suspended matter and bacteria in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering. The shaped filtration material includes: filter cloth, filter screen, filter disc, sintered filter tube, wound filter element, melt blown filter element, microporous filter element and multi-function filter element. Because the material is different, the filter accuracy is not same. Precision filtration is a kind of filtration between sand filtration (coarse filtration) and ultrafiltration. The filtration accuracy is generally in the range of 0.1-120μm.

Cartridge Filter Housings working principle


  • Cartridge Filter Housings advantage

    Stable operation


    Simple structure
    Reliable operation
    Easy maintenance

  • Cartridge Filter Housings advantage

    Low noise
    High density


    Low noise, dustproof and waterproof

    Standard specifications
    Portable and practical

  • Cartridge Filter Housings advantage

    The new clamp is more load-bearing.


    Widened and thickened rim of lid;

    Increase the contact area between the cover and the clamp.

  • Cartridge Filter Housings advantage

    Automatic welding


    Automatic welding quality is stable;

    The weld seams are uniform and beautiful;
    The thread is smooth.

Technical parameter

Automatic welding Pall High Flow Filters Parker High Flow Filters
model Filter model Inlet/Outlet Size Housing thickness Structure type Number of filter elements Filter size flow t/h material
LFB-1-5X LFB-15X DN25 Φ219×700 2 Flange 5 10 1.5 Carbon Steel/304 Stainless Steel
LFB-2-5X LFB-25X DN32 Φ219×1000 2 Flange 5 20 3
LFB-3-5X LFB-35X DN40 Φ219×1200 2 Flange 5 30 5
LFB-4-5X LFB-45X DN50 Φ219×1500 2 Flange 5 40 7
LFB-4-10X LFB-410X DN65 Φ325×1550 2.5 Flange 10 40 15
LFB-4-15X LFB-415X DN80 Φ377×1600 3 Flange 15 40 22
LFB-4-20X LFB-420X DN80 Φ426×1650 3 Flange 20 40 30
LFB-4-25X LFB-425X DN100 Φ450×1700 3 Flange 25 40 40
LFB-4-30X LFB-430X DN100 Φ500×1750 3 Flange + boom 30 40 45
LFB-4-35X LFB-435X DN100 Φ550×1800 3 Flange + boom 35 40 55
LFB-4-45X LFB-445X DN125 Φ600×1850 3 Flange + boom 55 40 85
LFB-4-50X LFB-450X DN125 Φ650×1900 3 Flange + boom 61 40 90
LFB-4-60X LFB-460X DN125 Φ700×1950 3 Flange + boom 73 40 110
LFB-4-65X LFB-465X DN150 Φ750×2000 4 Flange + boom 85 40 125
LFB-4-70X LFB-470X DN150 Φ800×2050 4 Flange + boom 91 40 135
LFB-4-80X LFB-480X DN150 Φ900×2100 5 Flange + boom 121 40 180
LFB-4-100X LFB-4100X DN200 Φ1000×2150 5 Flange + boom 131 40 195
Filter model Inlet/Outlet Size Housing thickness Structure type Number of filter elements flow t/h material
LFD-1P DN50 Φ219×1600 2 Clamp 1 30 Carbon Steel/304 Stainless Steel
Active flange
LFD-2P DN80 Φ400×1700 3 Flange 2 60
LFD-3P DN100 Φ450×1750 3 Flange 3 90
LFD-4P DN100 Φ500×1750 3 Flange + boom 4 120
LFD-4P DN125 Φ550×1800 3 Flange + boom 5 150
LFD-5P DN150 Φ600×1800 3 Flange + boom 6 180
LFD-6P DN150 Φ650×1900 3 Flange + boom 7 210
LFD-7P DN200 Φ700×1950 4 Flange + boom 8 240
LFD-8P DN200 Φ750×2100 4 Flange + boom 9 270
LFD-9P DN250 Φ800×2200 4 Flange + boom 10 300
LFD-10P DN250 Φ850×2250 4 Flange + boom 13 390
Filter model Inlet/Outlet Size Housing thickness Structure type Number of filter elements flow t/h material
LFD-1-30 DN50 Φ219×1300 2 Clamp 1 30 Carbon Steel/304 Stainless Steel
Active Flange
LFD-2-60 DN80 Φ377×1500 3 Flange 2 60
LFD-3-90 DN125 Φ400×1700 3 Flange 3 90
LFD-4-120 DN150 Φ450×1750 3 Flange + boom 4 120
LFD-6-180 DN150 Φ500×1800 3 Flange + boom 6 180
LFD-7-210 DN150 Φ550×1800 3 Flange + boom 7 210
LFD-8-240 DN200 Φ600×1850 3 Flange + boom 8 240
LFD-9-270 DN200 Φ650×1900 3 Flange + boom 9 270
LFD-11-330 DN250 Φ700×1950 3 Flange + boom 11 330
LFD-13-390 DN250 Φ750×1950 4 Flange + boom 13 390
LFD-15-450 DN300 Φ800×2050 4 Flange + boom 15 450

Production field

alt="Cartridge Filter Housings advantage" title="Cartridge Filter Housings advantage"


  • water treatment site of a steel plant
    water treatment site of a steel plant in Hebei

    product: bag filtermodel:LFD-2-9P

  • application site of a water treatment plant
    application site of a water treatment plant in Shanxi

    product: duplex filterdiameter: DN200

  • filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry
    filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry

    purpose: ultrasonic cleaning solutionflow: 100t/h


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