Characteristics of Cartridge Dust Collector Used in Steel Mill

DATE:2022-07-21Number of views: Source:LEFILTER

Characteristics of Cartridge Dust Collector Used in Steel Mill

Cartridge Dust Collector

1.Characteristics of Cartridge Dust Collector Used in Steel Mill:

2.The core part of dust removal adopts pleated filter cartridge, compact structure, saving space.

3.Filter cartridge adopts integrated design, good sealing performance, easy installation and replacement, shorten downtime.

4.Filter cartridge adopts surface filtration, high filtration efficiency.

5.It can be applied to a variety of working conditions, especially for industries with large dust concentration.

6.Good ash cleaning effect, no ash accumulation.

7.Compared with bag type dust collector, cartridge type dust collector has simple structure and significantly improved filtration area, which can increase the filtration area by about 2.5-3 times and has high filtration efficiency.

8.Low resistance, strong ability to adapt to the change of flue gas and less maintenance work.

9.It is a scheme to replace the traditional bag type dust collector and electric dust collector. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, building materials and other industries. So far, it is still in a leading position in the field of environmental protection.