How to Use Automatic Self-cleaning Filter to Treat Catering Wastewater?

DATE:2022-07-21Number of views: Source:LEFILTER

How to Use Automatic Self-cleaning Filter to Treat Catering Wastewater?

Automatic self-cleaning filter has functions of high degree of automation, large capacity, self-cleaning sewage, uninterrupted water supply. It can not only filter the raw water, but also has automatic cleaning and sewage function. In the self-cleaning process, it can guarantee sustainable water supply. In addition, when the sewage is filtered, the self-cleaning filter can be remotely monitored and managed, thus reducing the labor intensity of the staff. It has excellent sewage treatment capacity and is favored by people from all walks of life. 

Self-cleaning Filter

How to treat catering wastewater? The sewage filtered by the self-cleaning filter can continue to be used as circulating water. Let us know how the automatic self-cleaning filter becomes the "little helper" of circulating water treatment in the food industry.


1.Restaurants will produce a lot of food waste water in the process of washing vegetables and pans, then a self-cleaning filter is necessary for treatment. Catering wastewater contains less harmful substances, so the requirements for filter elements are not very strict. The size of the filter element is generally required to be about 2000 microns.


2.The automatic self-cleaning filter’s treatment process of catering wastewater is as follows: First, the 3000 micron filter element filters out large substances such as vegetable leaves and residue. Then the 2,000 micron filter can remove gutter oil. Then the waste water treated by the filter can be used to wash vegetables and pans.