Automatic Backwash Filter---The Best Water Treatment Choice

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We have two types of Automatic Backwash Filters / Automatic Self Cleaning Filters.

TYPE I: conical filter element type

 automatic backwash filter

TYPE II: cylindrical filter element type

automatic backwash filter

Efficiency of back-flushing:


Automatic backwash filter is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, electric power, and urban water supply. Such as industrial condensate, washing water, wastewater, circulating water filtration, continuous casting water system, blast furnace water system in metallurgical industry, high pressure water dephosphorization system for hot rolling, etc. It is an advanced, efficient and easy-to-operate automatic filtration device.

Working Principle:

The automatic backwash filter consists of a shell, filter elements, a backwash rotating device, a pressure difference controller and an electronic control part.
The filter element adopts high-strength Johnson wedge-shaped filter mesh or metal woven mesh filter element, and the filter element is automatically cleaned through pressure difference control and timing control. When impurities in the filter accumulate on the inner surface of the filter element and cause the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet to increase to the set value (such as 1kgf/cm2), or the timer reaches the preset time, the electric control box sends a signal to drive the backwash rotating device. When the backwash suction cup port is directly opposite to the filter element inlet, the drain valve is opened, and the system discharges pressure at this time. A negative pressure zone appears on the inside of the suction cup and the filter element which is lower than the water pressure on the outside of the filter element (The backwash pressure difference is controlled to be 3-4 times the filter pressure difference), forcing part of the net circulating water from the outside of the filter element to flow into the inside of the filter element. The impurity particles adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter element enter the suction cup with the water flow and are discharged from the drain valve.

Product features:

Microcomputer program control: automatic filtration, automatic identification of pressure difference, automatic backwashing, automatic drainage, low operating cost.
Uninterrupted continuous work: cleaning the filter element one by one, uninterrupted filtration.
High efficiency and low energy consumption: large effective filtration area, low backwash frequency, small sewage volume, low system resistance loss.
Good backwashing effect: the unique filter structure design and cleaning control method make the backwashing strong and thorough.
Wide application range: accuracy covers 10-3000 microns.

Application fields:

Metallurgical industry: filter particulate impurities in water systems such as heavy metal waste cleaning and recycling washing water, cooling circulating water, condensate water, etc., to protect nozzles and pumps, to ensure high product quality and long-term stable operation of the system.
Chemical industry, petrochemical industry: filter impurities in brine, industrial water, and circulating cooling water systems to purify chemical media and improve product quality.
Power plants, thermal power plants: filter the impurity particles in the wet electric precipitator spray, spray circulating gray water, condensate water, and desulfurization wastewater systems to purify the water quality, protect the nozzles and pumps, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.
Oilfield sewage: filter the suspended solids in the oilfield sewage to ensure the quality of the recharge water.

Product show:

automatic self cleaning filter

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