Automatic Self-cleaning Filter Introduction And Selection Basis

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Automatic Self-cleaning Filter filtration principle

When the liquid passes through the automatic self-cleaning filter housing, the impurities are intercepted on the inner wall of the filter cartridge, and the filtered clean liquid flows out from the outlet. When the impurities on the inner wall of the filter screen become more and more accumulated, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the self-cleaning filter When the preset value is reached, the cleaning time is reached, or the manual prefabrication is reached, the self-cleaning process will start. The whole process consists of two steps: opening the automatic drain valve on the horizontal self-cleaning filter; the motor drives the cleaning in the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter Brush, the impurities intercepted by the filter are discharged from the drain valve, and the system continues to flow during cleaning. Since the self-cleaning filter has a small footprint and a light design structure, it is widely used in liquid filtration pretreatment systems in various industries.
Automatic self-cleaning filter

Advantages Of Automatic Self-cleaning Filter

Automatic Self-cleaning Filter uninterrupted water supply: The amount of water during cleaning is very small, which is 5% of the water output of the filter, and the flushing time is 2 to 15 seconds. The entire system has an uninterrupted water supply.

High filtration precision: the filtration precision can reach up to 20 microns, and there are various precision filters for you to choose.

Large filtration area: The effective filtration area of the standard filter is 7-40 times the inlet area.

Reliable cleaning: There are a variety of control methods, manual, pressure difference, time, PLC program logic control and other options.

The installation is economical and simple: the structure is diverse, suitable for installation in various situations on the spot, without affecting the operation effect.

Long service life: The service life is more than 10 years under normal conditions. The filter screen is made of stainless steel. It can be easily replaced with different specifications according to needs.


Precautions for Automatic Self-cleaning Filter selection

1. The processing flow of the self-cleaning filter: select the corresponding pipe diameter according to the processing flow.

2. The chemical properties of the filter medium: the acidity and alkalinity of the filter medium are used to select the type of material: carbon steel, stainless steel.

3. The concentration of suspended solids in the filter medium: select several levels of filtration according to the concentration of suspended solids in the medium.

4. Required filtration accuracy: The filtration accuracy of the filter screen is determined according to the size of the media particles, but not the higher the accuracy, the better. If the accuracy is too high, it is easy to block the filter and cause frequent cleaning of the filter.

5. Pipeline pressure: Choose according to the pressure of the pipeline system, generally 1.0MPa and 1.6MPa, with a higher pressure index of 2.5MPa.


Automatic Self-cleaning Filter application field

1. Filtration of production water and reuse water in the food industry.

2. Filtration of domestic water supply and production process water supply.

3. Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, softening, ion exchange and other pretreatment filtration.

4. Equipment cooling water with high water quality requirements;

5. Filtration of circulating water in steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, food, metallurgy and other industries.

6. Reuse of reclaimed water, advanced treatment and filtration of wastewater.

7. Central air conditioning and boiler backwater filtration.

8. Groundwater, surface water, swimming pools, and landscape water are turbid and purified.

9. Seawater desalination pretreatment, seawater and freshwater factory farming water filtration.
Automatic Self-cleaning Filter application field