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Multimedia filter

Multi-media filter is a process in which one or several filter media are used to pass water with high turbidity through a certain thickness of granular or non-granular material under a certain pressure, thereby effectively removing suspended chromatin and clarifying the water. The filter media are quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand, etc., which are mainly used for water treatment and degreasing, softened water, pre-treatment of pure water, etc. The turbidity of the effluent can reach below 3 degrees.

Application cooling water treatment, raw water treatment, paper industry, irrigation industry, industrial circulating water, food processing, paper industry, electric sewage, urban tap water, etc.
Filter media Filter media
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Product features

The equipment is mainly composed of tank body, water distribution system, water collection system, filter material layer, partition (plate) water cap, supporting layer and internal supporting pipelines, etc. Main pipeline and its matching control valve, pressure gauge, sampling valve, etc.
Quartz sand and anthracite are used as filter materials for pressure filtration. The features are as follows:
a. Large filtration area, large amount of treated water, good operation effect and low cost of packing;
b. Double filter material is adopted to reduce running resistance;
c.The filter material is corrosion-resistant, has high porosity, has the largest dirt-carrying capacity, moderate density, and is easy to backwash;
d. The main material of the filter: 1. Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, Q235 carbon steel, Q235 carbon steel lining, the water treatment capacity of a single unit is 0.5~200T/h;
e. Strong interception ability, small water loss and good filtration effect;
e. Strong interception ability, small water loss and good filtration effect.

Working principle

A multi-media filter (also known as a mechanical filter) is a typical multi-media filter based on a bed of layered anthracite, sand, finely divided garnet or other materials. The top layer of the bed consists of the lightest and coarsest grades of material, while the heaviest and finest grades of material are placed in the lower part of the bed. The principle is depth filtration - the larger particles in the water are removed in the top layer and the smaller particles are removed in the deeper layers of the filter medium. So that the water quality reaches the standard after coarse filtration. The equipment is pressure type, the principle is: when the raw water passes through the filter material from top to bottom, the suspended solids in the water are trapped by the surface of the filter layer due to adsorption and mechanical resistance; when the water flows into the middle of the filter layer, due to the filter material layer The sand particles in the water are arranged more closely, so that the particles in the water have more chances to collide with the sand particles, so the flocs, suspended solids and the surface of the sand particles in the water adhere to each other, and the impurities in the water are trapped in the filter material layer, thereby obtaining clarified water quality. The filtered effluent suspension can be below 5 mg/L.


  • Multimedia filter;
    Commonly used filter materials are quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand, etc., which are mainly used for water treatment, etc.


    Various filter media:

    The porous material used for filtration is called filter material, quartz sand is the most common filter material, and the filter material is granular, powdery and fibrous.

  • When the liquid enters the filter basket through the main pipe, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and the clean fluid passes.


    Simple structure:

    It is mainly composed of the following parts: supporting pipelines and valves, in which the filter body also includes: simplified, backwash gas pipe, etc.

  • Remove impurities such as mud sand, suspended solids, colloids and algae in water, and reduce mechanical damage.



    Remove impurities such as mud, suspended solids, colloids and algae in water, and reduce mechanical damage.

  • Remove impurities such as mud, suspended solids, colloids and algae in water, and reduce mechanical damage.


    Wide range of applications:

    Pre-filtration of raw water for power generation, chemical industry, papermaking, beverages, etc.

Technical parameter

Treatment effect: Influent turbidity: < 20FTU, effluent turbidity: < 3FTU Control mode: manual control, automatic control (time control)

Flow per unit: 0.5m3/h~ 180m3/h Load power: 24W/1A

Tank material: Q235B, 304, 316L, carbon steel rubber lining. Water cap material: ABS, 304, 316L

Operating parameters: 1. Filtration speed: 10-20m/h; 2. Backwashing method: water washing, or gas-water combined backwashing Working environment parameters: 1. Working pressure: ≤0.6MPa; 2. Pressure difference between inlet and outlet: 0.02-0.05MPa

Can be customized according to different working conditions

Lifeierte model Tank Specifications Import and export specifications Maximum flow t/h Pressure MPa Filter material (tons)
LF-SYS500 Φ500*2150 DN50 2 1.0 0.35
LF-SYS600 Φ600*2250 DN50 3 1.0 0.5
LF-SYS800 Φ800*2450 DN65 5 1.0 0.8
LF-SYS1000 Φ1200*2650 DN65 8 1.0 1.3
LF-SYS1200 Φ1500*2850 DN65 12 1.0 1.9
LF-SYS1500 Φ1600*2950 DN80 18 1.0 2.9
LF-SYS1600 Φ1800*3050 DN80 20 1.0 3.5
LF-SYS1800 Φ2000*3150 DN100 25 1.0 4.3
LF-SYS2000 Φ2200*3300 DN100 30 1.0 5.6
LF-SYS2200 Φ2400*3400 DN125 40 1.0 6.5
LF-SYS2400 Φ2500*3450 DN125 50 1.0 7.8
LF-SYS2500 Φ2600*3450 DN125 60 1.0 8.75
LF-SYS2600 Φ2800*3600 DN150 70 1.0 9.3
LF-SYS2800 Φ3000*3900 DN150 80 1.0 11.5
LF-SYS3000 Φ3200*4500 DN219 100 1.0 12.2
LF-SYS3200 Φ3400*4600 DN219 120 1.0 14
LF-SYS3400 Φ3600*4650 DN250 150 1.0 15.75
LF-SYS3600 Φ500*2150 DN250 180 1.0 17.5

Product details


  • Water treatment site of a chemical plant in Shandong

    Product: Multimedia FilterFilter material: quartz sand

  • Post-treatment of sedimentation tank in a steel plant

    Product: Multimedia Filter

  • Pre-sand filter for ultrafiltration system in a chemical plant

    Application: Industrial water pretreatment


Provide customization services according to different working conditions