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Cartridge dust collector lefilter

Cartridge Dust Collector

The filter cartridge dust collector is composed of a filter element as a filter element or a dust collector with pulse injection. Cartridge dust collectors can be divided into oblique insertion type, side-mounted type, hoisting type, and top-mounted type according to the installation method. Cartridge dust collectors can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collectors, composite fiber filter cartridge dust collectors, anti-static filter cartridge dust collectors, flame retardant filter cartridge dust collectors, and film-coated filter cartridge dust collectors according to the material of the filter cartridges, nano filter cartridge dust collector, etc.

application mechanical processing, chemical production, powder recycling, construction manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, food processing and other industries
Filter media air particles, impurities, etc.
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Working principle

After the dust-laden gas enters the ash hopper of the dust collector, due to the sudden expansion of the airflow section and the action of the airflow distribution plate, a part of the coarse particles in the airflow settle in the ash hopper under the action of dynamic and inertial forces: the fine-grained and low-density dust particles enter the dust filter chamber. , Through the group effect such as Brown diffusion and sieving, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material, and the purified gas enters the clean air chamber and is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the fan.

Cartridge Dust Collector working principle


  • Cartridge dust collector advantage

    Cartridge dust collector;
    Start the blowing device to clean the dust and other filter cartridges work normally, which not only achieves the dust removal effect but does not affect the operation of the equipment, so that the dust collector can run continuously


    Small pores:

    Has good filtration performance
    Strong pressure resistance
    High filtering precision

  • Cartridge dust collector advantage

    The height of the filter cartridge is small, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance workload is small.


    The dust removal efficiency can be as high as 99.9%:

    the filter area of the dust collector with the same volume is relatively large, the filtering wind speed is small, and the resistance is not large.

  • Cartridge dust collector advantage

    Cartridge type dust removal technology solves the problem of filtration of wet, fibrous and agglomerated dust, and difficult to form dust.


    Easy to replace:

    The filter cartridge has no moving parts on its body, which avoids the trouble of constantly changing materials in the old dust collector, saving money, time and effort.

  • Cartridge dust collector advantage

    The use of pleated filter media can increase the filter area and make the dust collector more compact.


    small volume:

    The height of the filter cartridge is small, and the installation and maintenance workload is small;

Technical parameter

Model Number Filter Cartridge Qty.(pcs) Filtration Area(㎡) Recommended air volume (m³/h) Filter cartridge Part number(mm) Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm)
LF-XLC 6-1 12 120 7200 LFKL-3266 1010*2300*3600
LF-XLC 6-2 24 240 14400 2020*2300*3600
LF-XLC 6-3 36 360 21600 3030*2300*3600
LF-XLC 6-4 48 480 28800 4040*2300*3600
LF-XLC 6-5 60 600 36000 5050*2300*3600
LF-XLC 6-6 72 720 43200 6060*2300*3600
LF-XLC 8-1 16 160 9600 1010*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-2 32 320 19200 2020*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-3 48 480 28800 3030*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-4 64 640 38400 4040*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-5 80 800 48000 5050*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-6 96 960 57600 6060*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-7 112 1120 67200 7070*2300*4080
LF-XLC 8-8 128 1280 76800 8080*2300*4080
LF-HLC 8-1 8 120 7200 LFKL-3210 1050*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-2 16 240 14400 2100*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-3 24 360 21600 3150*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-4 32 480 28800 4200*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-5 40 600 36000 5250*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-6 48 720 43200 6300*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-7 56 840 50400 7350*1800*4150
LF-HLC 8-8 64 960 57600 8400*1800*4150

Product details


  • Installation site of a steel plant
    Installation site of a steel plant in Hebei

    Product: Cartridge Dust CollectorApplication: Dust reduction in factory area

  • Equipment installation site of a boiler room
    Equipment installation site of a boiler room in Henan

    Product: Cartridge Dust CollectorApplication: Control dust emission

  • Equipment installation site of a factory
    Equipment installation site of a factory in Shandong

    Product: Filter Dust CollectorApplication: workshop purification


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