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High Flow Cartridge Filter Introduction Working principle Advantages Technical parameter Production Field Cases


High Flow Cartridge Filter

R0 reverse osmosis pretreatment high-flow filter element can greatly reduce the investment cost compared with standard 2.5-inch filter element in the application field of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment pre-filtration and similar high-flow filter element. The processing flow of each R0 reverse osmosis pretreatment large-flow filter element can reach 30T/h, so it can reduce the number of filter elements used and the size of the filter housing.

Application It is widely used in pretreatment and filtration in various industries, which can effectively remove impurities, sediments, suspended solids and bacteria in water, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.
Filter media water suspended solids, particulate matter, water fouling, bacteria, algae, rust, etc.
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Working Principle

The high-flow filter element is equipped with a matching high-flow filter element. Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter element, the filter residue remains on the filter material wall, and the filtrate flows out through the filter element, which can effectively remove impurities, sediments, and suspended solids in the water. . So as to achieve the purpose of filtering.
The design of the filter can be used in each large flow filter element. Compared with the general model, the filter allows a larger size filter element and reduces investment and production costs. The horizontal design and centerless structure are more convenient and fast when replacing the filter element.


  • stable operation


    simple structure
    reliable operation
    convenient maintenance

  • Low filtration resistance and high flux;


    The filter resistance is small, the flux is large, the interception ability is strong, and the service life is long.

  • Corrosion-resistant profiles


    Acid, alkali and other chemical solvents, high strength, high temperature resistance, the filter element is not easy to deform.

  • low price


    low price, Low operating costs, easy cleaning, and replaceable filter elements

Technical parameter

Pall high flow filter element Parker high flow filter element
model inlet and outlet diameter size wall thickness structural style filter elements number flow t/h material
LFD-1P DN50 Φ219×1600 2 clamp type 1 30 carbon steel / 304 stainless steel
movable flange
LFD-2P DN80 Φ400×1700 3 flange 2 60
LFD-3P DN100 Φ450×1750 3 flange 3 90
LFD-4P DN100 Φ500×1750 3 flange + boom 4 120
LFD-4P DN125 Φ550×1800 3 flange + boom 5 150
LFD-5P DN150 Φ600×1800 3 flange + boom 6 180
LFD-6P DN150 Φ650×1900 3 flange + boom 7 210
LFD-7P DN200 Φ700×1950 4 flange + boom 8 240
LFD-8P DN200 Φ750×2100 4 flange + boom 9 270
LFD-9P DN250 Φ800×2200 4 flange + boom 10 300
LFD-10P DN250 Φ850×2250 4 flange + boom 13 390
model inlet and outlet diameter size wall thickness structural style filter elements number flow t/h material
LFD-1-30 DN50 Φ219×1300 2 clamp type 1 30 carbon steel/304 stainless steel
movable flange
LFD-2-60 DN80 Φ377×1500 3 flange 2 60
LFD-3-90 DN125 Φ400×1700 3 flange 3 90
LFD-4-120 DN150 Φ450×1750 3 flange + boom 4 120
LFD-6-180 DN150 Φ500×1800 3 flange + boom 6 180
LFD-7-210 DN150 Φ550×1800 3 flange + boom 7 210
LFD-8-240 DN200 Φ600×1850 3 flange + boom 8 240
LFD-9-270 DN200 Φ650×1900 3 flange + boom 9 270
LFD-11-330 DN250 Φ700×1950 3 flange + boom 11 330
LFD-13-390 DN250 Φ750×1950 4 flange + boom 13 390
LFD-15-450 DN300 Φ800×2050 4 flange + boom 15 450

Production Field


  • water treatment site of a steel plant in Hebei

    product: bag filtermodel: LFD-2-9P

  • application site of a water treatment plant in Shanxi

    product: duplex filterdiameter: DN200

  • filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry

    purpose: ultrasonic cleaning solutionflow:100t/h


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