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Backwash filter Introduction Working Principle Advantages Technical Specification Production Field Cases


Backwash filter lefilter

Backwash filter

Automatic backwash filter is mainly composed of filter housing, stainless steel filter screen, electric blowdown valve and blowdown device. When the water filter is working, the backwash butterfly valve plate is opened, and the water enters the filter element from the inlet, then flows through the filter screen, and then flows out of the system, and the impurities are intercepted inside the filter element. When the water filter needs to sewage, you can close the butterfly valve plate and open the sewage valve.

Application Hot water circulation system in heating system;Central air conditioning, chillers, chillers cooling and refrigeration circulating water system; Industrial and civil cooling water, industrial cooling circulating water system; geothermal water circulation system for bathing, heating; etc.
Filter medium Remove all kinds of viscous substances, colloidal particles, silt and other mechanical impurities from water.
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Working principle

Under normal circumstances, water flow guide valve is open, the water flows through the filter cartridge and then flows out from the outlet. When the drain valve is open, the total water flow increases, the flow velocity increases, the impurities on the filter screen wall is washed and discharged from the drain valve; when the water flow guide valve is closed and the drain valve is open, the water is forced to flow through the filter screen at the front of the screen, and then most of the filtered water flows out from the outlet, part of the filtered water will flow back to the inside of the filter screen to backwash the screen, which achieves the effect of washing impurities adhering to the screen from the outside of the filter screen, and impurities are still discharged through the sewage outlet.

Backwash filter working principle


  • Backwash filter Advantage

    Automatic back flushing system


    Automatic back flushing system

    from the inside to the outside, the modular design of forward filtration and reverse backwashing, multi-core structure, large filtration area and large sewage capacity.

  • Backwash filter Advantage

    Automatic control system


    Automatic control system:

    the intelligent control system is sensitive, accurate, intuitive and easy to operate.

  • Backwash filter Advantage

    High performance precision filter element


    High performance precision filter element:

    V-shaped slot precision filter element: the V-shaped opening has good backwashing effect, and is good at filtering pollutants and impurities that are difficult to backwash, such as micro filtration, oily sludge, soft caking, etc.

  • Backwash filter Advantage

    Overall architecture advantages


    Advantages of overall structure:

    the overall equipment structure has no consumables, few vulnerable parts, low operation cost, food grade design, jacket explosion-proof design, and safe filtration of flammable and explosive liquids.

Technical specification

Backwash filter technical specification

Housing: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Filter screen: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel

Brush holder: 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel Blowdown valve: cast iron, stainless steel

Controller: Copper Sealing ring: PTFE

Customized according to different working conditions

Model Tank specification Inlet / Outlet Maximum flow t/h Pressure Control mode Material
LFFC-80-2.0 Φ133 DN80 25 10 Manual Q235B
LFFC-100-2.0 Φ159 DN100 50 10 Manual Q235B
LFFC-125-2.0 Φ219 DN125 120 10 Manual Q235B
LFFC-150-2.0 Φ273 DN150 160 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-200-2.0 Φ325 DN200 300 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-250-2.0 Φ426 DN250 430 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-300-2.0 Φ480 DN300 600 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-350-2.0 Φ530 DN350 850 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-400-2.0 Φ630 DN400 1100 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-450-2.0 Φ700 DN450 1400 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-500-2.0 Φ800 DN500 1800 10 Manual/automatic Q235B
LFFC-600-2.0 Φ900 DN600 2200 10 Manual/automatic Q235B

Production Field


  • Customer case of circulating water treatment in steel plant
    Customer case of circulating water treatment in steel plant

    Purpose: circulating water treatmentFlow: 1000t/h

  • Customer site of cooling water treatment in thermal power industry
    Customer site of cooling water treatment in thermal power industry

    Purpose: cooling water treatmentFlow: 200t/h

  • filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry
    filtering site of ultrasonic cleaning solution in electronic industry

    purpose: ultrasonic cleaning solutionFlow:100t/h


Provide customization services according to different working conditions