Thanks for being with you all the way, Fourteenth Anniversary of Lefilter

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Fourteen years of trials and hardships have witnessed the development of Lefilter. Fourteen years of golden years have witnessed the footprints of Lefilter people's hard work, enterprising, pioneering and innovative. In the fierce competition in the market, we Lefilter Special people, fighting side by side, concentrating their efforts, ushered in the fourteenth birthday.

Lefilter 14th Anniversary Celebration

Looking at it vertically, it is the height of growth, and looking at it horizontally, it is the width of growth. After fourteen years of trekking, our family has a solid foundation, a solid foundation, and strong motivation. Coordinate system, anchoring new goals, energetic and vigorous.

How fortunate to be born in a great country and build a great project in the era of gratitude.

Thank you, every Lefilter person, we walk along the way, pursue our dreams together, and we are honored.

Thanks to "I" who have gone through 14 years, recalling the past, achieving remarkable achievements, new glories, and looking at the present!

A group of people, one thing, one heart, a lifetime, thank you for your companionship, thank you for having you!

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