With the global more different old and new industries fast development,the air compressor is used widely,the inside filter elements needs to be replaced,so the maintaince&service has great markets,Lefilter corporation air filter,oil filter and oil-gas separator will supply good quality and save your costs.

Air filter:

Material:Composite wood pulp paper
Filtration efficiency:98%
Service life:≧2000H

Oil filter:

Material:Lydall,HV fiberglass,filter paper
Filtration efficiency:99.8%
Service life:≧2000H

Oil&gas separator:

Material:Lydall,HV fiberglass
Compressed air oil content:≦3ppm
Filtration efficiency:99.999%
Service life:3000-6000H
Initial pressure difference:≦0.02MPa

Main Products

Air Filter

The air contains a lot of impurities such as moisture, dust and oil mist. These impurities will cause pipeline corrosion and blockage after entering the compressed air system, leading to instrument and pneumatic equipment failure.After using the air filter, the impurities in the air can be effectively removed, so that the air is clean and the equipment can operate normally. ...


Oil filter

Oil filter can be generated by the air compressor working process of the impurity and oil itself due to heat and air oxidation of impurities such as glue to filter out, if they contain impurities of the oil directly to the surface of the moving parts, not only speed up the process of wear parts, also can cause oil blockage, so will be in the lubrication system is equipped with oil filter, the circulating oil on the surface to the moving parts before get purification treatment,


Oil and gas separator

Oil and gas separator is the key component to determine the quality of the compressed air of the air compressor. High quality oil and gas separator original can not only ensure the high efficiency of the compressor but also extend the service life of the filter.


Compressed air Filter

Compressed air, vacuum and industrial gas products For energy efficient compressed air and rough vacuum equipment for any application, including air treatment accessories, industrial gas generators and pipework Our products help customers to achieve sustainable productivity in a wide range of markets, including general engineering, manufacturing and process industries, construction,


Production Process


Lefilter corporation produce air filters,oil filters and oil&gas separators for the filter replacement of air compressors.So our filters widely used in various industries:
Automotive,Marine,Chemical and petrochemical,Fertilizer,LNG industry,Power Generation,
Mining,Industrial gases,Compressed air and compressor solutions for industrial applications,
Food and beverage,Medical and healthcare,Midstream,Railway,Renewables&Energy Recovery,Textile and other related industries.


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