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All Souls'Day April Number 5th-7th.

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We'll have April 5——7th for three days holiday.
Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed. More important,
it is a period to honour and to pay respect to one's deceased ancestors and family members.
Because it reinforces the ethic of filial piety, Qing Ming is a major Chinese festival. 

Literally meaning "clear" (Qing) and "bright" (Ming), this Chinese festival falls in early spring,
on the 106th day after the winter solstice. It is a "spring" festival, and it is an occasion for the
whole family to leave the home and to sweep the graves of their forebears. Chinese being practical
people this sweeping of the graves is given an extended period, that is, 10 days before and after
Qing Ming day. Among some dialect groups a whole month is allocated. 

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