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Teachers and students to visit our company

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Teachers and students to visit our company

July 12, 2017 afternoon, Henan Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship Class teachers and students to visit our study, chairman Angel and entrepreneurial class teachers and students have a face-to-face exchange.
Then shared with you the company's talent training program, as well as the direction of talent demand, the pertinent to the students career choice and the future direction of the development has made recommendations, the request, conducted a wide range of exchanges

Then in the company's unified arrangements, all teachers and students came to the filter fluid environmental protection factory, visited our product research and development Center, filter dust-free purification workshop, as well as automated air filtration production line, and the pipeline Assembly workshop. Let the teachers and students of the entrepreneurial class have a further understanding of our whole operation mode.

I hope that today's visit to all students to build a good foundation for the road to entrepreneurship, on the road less detours, and always maintain a highly awe-inspiring entrepreneurial spirit.

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If you are interested in our company and our products, welcome to our company or our local office to visit, you can also call advice, our staff will provide you with the product information and application knowledge, so that you will not only get the value of the new equipment, but also get the good service of lefield.