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replacement micro air compressor air filter 1613800400

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Atlas Compressed Air Filter ProductIntroduction: In any working conditions, untreated air contains a lot of impurities, such as oil, water, solid particles and so on. If we do not remove these impurities, they will affect the service life o


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Nominal filtration rating:
Operating pressure:
Working temperature:
Replacement or not:Replacement

The material of filter element of Air Filter is made of wood pulp filter paper of HV Company in America and Ahlstrom Company in Korea. Impurities such as suspended particles, sand, water and oil-gas mist in the air can be filtered through the filter element of the Air Filter.
·Air filtering accuracy: ≤10μm           Air filtering efficiency: 98%
·Service life of the air filter element: about 2000h
·Back blow regularly.
·The air input capacity of the filter must outnumber the capacity of the host machine.
·Air filter with low air intake resistance and high dust containing capacity is preferred.
·For longevity, please store the filter in dry and airy spaces.
Air filter element applicable to Atlas screw air compressor:
Model Original P/N External diameter
Height(mm Goods No. of us
GX5/7/11C 1613900100 100 80 LFA40410080
GA55 1613950100 246 365 LFA40324325
GA37 1619279700 166 340 LFA40116340
GA30/37/10BAR 1613740700 159 375 LFA40315340
GA37+ 1622185501 230 360 LFA40323325