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PALL Oil Filter Element From Hydraulic Oil Filters

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Product Description Brief introduction: 1.Pallfilterseriesadopt the new PALL-Ultipor III series filter elements to superfinely filter out the solid particles in the liquid medium. 2.It is commonly used for the filtration and purificationin


Brand Name: PALL
Model Number: ue319an20z
Nominal filtration rating:10um
Application:Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;Metallurgy
Operating pressure:10-210bar
Working temperature: -20-100℃
Replacement or not:Replacement

Brief introduction:
Pall filter element is made of new PALL-Ultipor III series filtration parts,for a variety of liquid medium in various of occasions,it can make the solid particles superfine filtration.Usually,it widely used in hydraulic and lubricant system.Lefilter adopts HV and Lydall fiberglass material to manufacture the filters,which can replace the original Pall filters.
Typical model codes:
1. HC7400*4H 14. HC9600*8Z
2. HC7404*8Z 15. HC9404*13H
3. HC6200*13H 16. HC9400*16H
4. HC2216*16Z 17. HC9100*26H
5. HC9901*26H 18. HC8904*39Z
6. HC9800*39H 19. HC8900*4H
7. HC9801*26H 20. HC8700*8H
8. HC9700*16H 21. HC8400*13Z
9. HC9650*13Z 22. HC8314*26H
10. HC9604*8H 23. HC8300*16Z
11. HC9601*6Z 24. HC8304*39H
12. UE219*13H 25. UE209*4H
13. UE319*08Z 26. UE619*40Z