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Replacement hydraulic oil filter element for industries

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The HYDAC hydraulic oil filter is widely used in hydraulic oil system and lubrication system


Brand Name: HYDAC
Model Number:
Nominal filtration rating:from 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …um
Application:Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;Metallurgy
Operating pressure:10-210bar
Working temperature: -20-100℃
Replacement or not:Replacement

Product Description
it is installed in the oil passage of the hydraulic system so that the passage to keep clean, to prolong the life of the hydraulic system used to remove worn metal powder of each element of the hydraulic system and other mechanical impurities. The low pressure also has a series filter bypass valve, when the filter is not timely replacement, bypass valve will open automatically, to ensure the normal operation of the system. This series is a substitute of similar products in the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy and other countries.


1.Filter fineness 5μm~15μm
2.Filter efficiency 99.8%
3.Service life up to about 4000-6000h
4.Filter material made of filter paper of pure woodpulp of USA HV and South Korea Ahlstorm 


In hydraulic, lubrication system, this kind of filter can be used to filtrate solid particles, colloidal substances and other pollutions in working processes. They can efficiency to control the pollution grades in the working processes to ensure the normal work of the hydraulic system.


0500D010BH3HC 0630DN006BHHC 0660D003BN3HC 0660D025W
0500D010BH4HC 0630DN006BH3HC 0660D003BN4HC 0660D025WHC
0500D010BN 0630DN006BH4HC 0660D003P 0660D050W
0500D010BNHC 0630DN006BNHC 0660D003V 0660D050WHC
0500D010BN3HC 0630DN006BN3HC 0660D005BH 0660D074W
0500D010BN4HC 0630DN006BN4HC 0660D005BHHC 0660D074WHC
0500D010P 0630DN010BHHC 0660D005BH3HC 0660D100W
0500D010V 0630DN010BH3HC 0660D005BH4HC 0660D100WHC
0500D020BH3HC 0630DN010BH4HC 0660D005BN 0660D149W
0500D020BH4HC 0630DN010BNHC 0660D005BNHC 0660D149WHC
0500D020BN 0630DN010BN3HC 0660D005BN3HC 0660D200W
0500D020BNHC 0630DN010BN4HC 0660D005BN4HC 0660D200WHC
0500D020BN3HC 0630DN025BHHC 0660D005P 0660R003BN
0500D020BN4HC 0630DN025BH3HC 0660D005V 0660R003BNHC
0500D020P 0630DN025BH4HC 0660D010BH 0660R003BN3HC
0500D020V 0630DN025BNHC 0660D010BHHC 0660R003BN4HC
0500D020W 0630DN025BN3HC 0660D010BH3HC 0660R003P
0500D020WHC 0630DN025BN4HC 0660D010BH4HC 0660R003V
0500D025W 0630RN003BNHC 0660D010BN 0660R005BN
0500D025WHC 0630RN003BN3HC 0660D010BNHC 0660R005BNHC
0500D050W 0630RN003BN4HC 0660D010BN3HC 0660R005BN3HC
0500D050WHC 0630RN006BNHC 0660D010BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC
0500D074W 0630RN006BN3HC 0660D010P 0660R005P
0500D074WHC 0630RN006BN4HC 0660D010V 0660R005V
0500D100W 0630RN010BNHC 0660D020BH 0660R010BN
0500D100WHC 0630RN010BN3HC 0660D020BHHC 0660R010BNHC
0500D149W 0630RN010BN4HC 0660D020BH3HC 0660R010BN3HC
0500D149WHC 0630RN025BNHC 0660D020BH4HC 0660R010BN4HC
0500D200W 0630RN025BN3HC 0660D020BN 0660R010P
0500D200WHC 0630RN025BN4HC 0660D020BNHC 0660R010V
0630DN003BHHC 0660D003BH 0660D020BN3HC 0660R020BN
0630DN003BH3HC 0660D003BHHC 0660D020BN4HC 0660R020BNHC
0630DN003BH4HC 0660D003BH3HC 0660D020P 0660R020BN3HC
0630DN003BNHC 0660D003BH4HC 0660D020V 0660R020BN4HC
0630DN003BN3HC 0660D003BN 0660D020W 0660R020P
0630DN003BN4HC 0660D003BNHC 0660D020WHC 0660R020V


1.Filter accuracy: 1- 100um
2.Lead time:7-10 working days

3.Pressure: 21.0Mpa
4.Material: HV fiberglass or domestic fiberglass
5.Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system
1.Filter accuracy: 1- 100um
2.Lead time:7-10 working days

3.Pressure: 21.0Mpa
4.Material: HV fiberglass or domestic fiberglass
5.Application field: hydraulic system, lubrication system